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I was born on April 15th 1982 in Vicenza. I was a skinny and happy child, up to five years old when I had to be recovered to the hospital for emergency because of a violent attack of asthma. This event seemed to change my personality making me more quiet and introverted. This feature has allowed my imagination to be cultivated and create a number of stories not calculable.

In adolescent was born in me the desire to write stories that I had in mind. Over the years my interests multiplies: religion, philosophy, occultism, informatics and martial arts (all things then I tried to put in my first book). In particular, the last of these took a big slice of my time: I began to practice Shaolin. This event did so to train my body and my mind: despite asthmatic is still on paper, not in practice gives me more hassle, more I've increased my discipline. This also led me to compete in the world championship in China in the 2001. It was at that moment that I was thinking of ideas for my first real story. More or less the same time I discovered the pleasure of reading the books because I've already read enough comics. If I think I can not find a logical connection between the authors and books I've read, for example, I read the first two books of the dark elf Drizzt by RA Salvatore, a number of fantasy books, the stories of Howard and HP Lovecraft, most recently those of EA Poe. For this I must thank my brother that he made me them know, most likely if it had not been for him I would not ever read. In 2003 I began writeing, but had to stop at the fifth chapter in January 2004 since left for England as a missionary of my Church, which also occupies a large slice in my life, and the next two years I had no time to continue, only to record all the ideas that came to

I must admit that many of my inspiration came while traveling in the London Underground.

I returned in January 2006 I put in the work and briefly managed to finish it and the desire to show all my work became even greater.

During the drafting, there were some moments of crisis, my mind often said, "but what are you doing? It is a waste of time. Nobody ever read what you write. Give lose”, so every time happened I let a few "elect" to read what I've written up to that point, to ask for their opinion. They were a big boost for me, having live-fire of passion that was in my heart. Do not let your flame extinguished, whatever you are doing or want to do: Do not be discouraged! The discomfort is the biggest threat that leads to destruction.


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