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Power Players - Salvation
Chapter 1: I wonna be a warrior!

Kandra's adventure begins in a world ruled by magic and populated by fantastical creatures, mysterious gods and fearless adventurers. It's one of these adventurers that will set in the girl the desire to leave her life and to become a warrior, that will discover it's only a small step of the great adventures that await. Half way from a comic book and a novel, you will find a new way of reading!
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The Way, the Truth and the Life – The Art (La Via, la Verità e la Vita – l’Arte)

In 2012 a meteorite strikes the Earth. The planet is crossed by a wave that sends out electromagnetic use any electrical equipment. The Powers of the world come together to find alternative energy sources. Technology, Spiritual and Magic divide this new world.


 Malky and Jiraku, two young Priests Warriors, from the city of Penji, decide to undertake a mission, the Way of the Warrior to complete the Arts, each with their journey, each with their own experiences. Malky more meditative, Jiraku more inclined to rely upon the senses and muscles. Techniques different but equally effective, so as to make it practically equal. Meet many people, face many struggles. Each of the events that will accompany them in this hard path of growth and improvement teach them something; all chances to be put to the test and refine the techniques of combat, concentration and self-control. Malky and Jiraku not know that a dark power that plot behind the world will be somehow linked to their destinies. The battle is about to start.

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